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Brokering e-Health Partnerships

There is an extensive array of e-health databases existing today in Canada. As electronic medical records evolve into linked electronic health records, it will become possible to have a view on the “real life” experience of the patient with any given therapy. Analysis of this data (patient de-identified) will be of immense value when addressing Risk Management plans for drugs or devices. As well, CDR and Provincial Reimbursement applications can be strengthened by offering analysis of a Provinces’ own e-Health database as a true measure of the value in a specific therapeutic investment.

Redstone Health Group can help you identify the database best suited to your product’s needs, and can assist with brokering a relationship between supplier and company. We can assist in contractual negotiation, and to can ensure that the expectations of both parties are clear and well represented. We also commit to a follow-up on the end-analysis to ensure that outcomes are delivered and well managed by both parties.

Today, many companies are opting to establish private registries to manage their sensitive products. Instead, why not explore the option of using existing databases to provide a true “real world” view of product performance and patient response? Redstone Health Group are looking for a company to test this exciting new opportunity!


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